The Mabila Ceremony is an annual traditional people of the Shila People of Senior Chief Mununga in Zambia’s Luapula Province.

Mununga Village is located in the Northern part of Zambia in Luapula Province near Lake Mweru. The history of Mununga Village dates to around early 17th century (refer to history link above) when the Shila people established themselves in the area.



Mununga map


Distance from city Mununga to 25 biggest cities of country: Zambia

Distance (Km)

Mununga - Lusaka

711 km

Mununga - Kitwe

427 km

Mununga - Ndola

436 km

Mununga - Kabwe

600 km

Mununga - Broken Hill

600 km

Mununga - Chingola

407 km

Mununga - Mufulira

397 km

Mununga - Luanshya

458 km

Mununga - Livingstone

1 035 km

Mununga - Kasama

269 km

Mununga - Chipata

643 km

Mununga - Kalulushi

432 km

Mununga - Kalulshi

432 km

Mununga - Mazabuka

769 km

Mununga - Chililabombwe

390 km

Mununga - Bancroft

390 km

Mununga - Mongu

940 km

Mununga - Kafue

751 km

Mununga - Choma

890 km

Mununga - Mansa

238 km

Mununga - Kansanshi

441 km

Mununga - Kapiri Mposhi

546 km

Mununga - Monze

820 km

Mununga - Mpika

406 km

Mununga - Nchelenge

46 km



The name “Mabila” means “waves” and symbolises the significance of the Shila people as people of the water or a fishing society. The Mabila ceremony celebrates the fishing season and is marked by a number of activities including demonstration of fishing techniques on the Kalungwishi River, citation of Shila culture and visits to historical landmarks. The Mabila ceremony is held in the first weekend  of September over four days. The ceremony starts on a Thursday and finishes on a Sunday. The final day, Sunday, is reserved for speeches by both traditional and public leaders and the demonstration of fishing activities on the Kalungwishi River.